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vineyard walks

are possible again but corona compliant










Group size:from 1 person to currently 20 people

You can finally experience what's going on outside in the vineyards with Thomas again. It's a great event where you can learn a lot about the fauna and flora in the organic vineyard. 


Most of the time, our guests book a wine tasting at the same time: some of the wines are then integrated and the rest are tasted up in the wine tasting hut right in the vineyard, which rounds it all off.




If you are interested in information, pleaseRequest send it, we will contact you immediately.


Wine tasting - only in the vineyard

are possible again but corona compliant


Group size:from 20


Our wine tasting hut, which is open on 3 sides, stands on the elephant grave in the middle of our vineyard.

We are very happy to finally present our excellent organic wines again in smaller groups.

We offer many different wine tastings for you, since we have a very large range of wines, you can choose and decide which wine tastings you would like.

The different wine lines produce very different wines:

Wine line Basic and Classic

In the "Basic Wine Line" you will find wines that have the typical character of the respective grape variety from the Kaiserstuhl. Cuvée wines that are not too heavy are also available as "Basic", which enrich the range with an international character. (light wines)


wine linePremium

Our premium wines receive even more attention in the vineyard than the basics. The individual vineyard plots for these premium wines are already selected in early summer. Yield reduction has a high priority in order to achieve these excellent qualities.

wine lineEdition SL

Our super line "Edition SL" are top wines with world class, which often win awards internationally. Minimum age of the vines 20 years, yield reduction, which produces full-bodied, powerful and extract-rich wines with a balanced fruit-acid play. They all mature in wooden barrels or barriques and are bottled dry, some unfiltered.

wine lineDeluxxe

All of our efforts, which begin in the vineyard to produce top-quality wines such as the "Edition SL" wine line, are particularly supported by nature in some years and everything just goes really well together. Our “Deluxxe” wine line is created from this combination. The diverse flavors of spices and fruit, the finely tuned tannins, this strong yet gentle full-bodied wine makes the wine lover's heart beat at full speed.

If you are interested in information, pleaseRequest send it, we will contact you immediately.

Premium Etikett rgb.jpg
Edition SL Etikett cmyk.jpg
Basic grün Etikett cmyk.jpg
Basic rot Etikett cmyk.jpg



is currently being revised      


Zoom Wine Samples 

From time to time we offer live zoom wine tastings.

If you are interested in information, pleasecontact requestsend it, we'll take you with us.

You are also welcome to register as a member, then you will also receive our latest information.

You can also join the past Zoom wine tastings later by ordering the wine package and we will send you the recording free of charge.

eg spring/summer wine tasting


We are repeatedly rewarded with high awards, which motivates us to continue to invest so much heart and soul.

This section is still a work in progress. However, you will find all of themawardsin theprice list.

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