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Thomas Schaffner

Founder and owner

master winemaker

I grew up in the vineyards. We almost always went into the vines with our satchels right after school.

After my apprenticeship as a vintner, I worked for two years in my parents' vintner's business, until Imaster winemakergraduated

1989 - 1991 I went with my wife Esther for 2 years to Haiti as "practical missionaries" as children's village leadersto a children's village. (At that time the working conditions were still very difficult and exhausting, so the time was only set at 2 years. Only after we were there for a while did we realize that 2 years would be difficult, it would be difficult.)more on this..

In 1991 I took over the family business of 1.5 hectares. They gave the grapes to a winery. In the same year I decided to market myself andannounced our winery.
Little by little, year by year, we have grown. We now market 8 hectares.

In 1995 we provided thatcomplete winery on organic viticulturearound.ECOVIN

My strength and love is dealing with customers and guests.

I am very happy to show our customers outside in the vineyard, for example at oursvineyard walks, with how much care we grow our grapes, we like to combine itwine tasting, through which you will understand even better what the work outside has to do with the quality in the cellar.

It's very important to meEvolution of the wines in the wine cellar. Here, of course, we also try to produce the wines as gently as possible.


Esther Schaffner

co-founder and co-owner

career changer:

I had no idea about wine, but after so many years that has changed quite a bit.

I learned to let go of my shyness, which wasn't easy for me.

I love talking to guests and customers about our wines, telling them about their taste

direction to serve the right wines. I don't know everything in detail yet, but as far as smell and taste are concerned, I'm pretty good at it. In the meantime, this has even meant that Thomas, before bottling, always involves me when it comes to the question of whether the wine is suitable for the bottle, or whether it is still too young, or too dry, or too sweet ...

I think it's particularly great that Thomas because of mehas switched viticulture to "eco".. At first I was afraid that we could lose everything that we had built up so laboriously and with a lot of love. But my poisoning illness did not allow Thomas to continue like before.

Today I have to say that I am very grateful for the courage of him,because our qualities have risen to top wines, even the basics are awesome.

Since then we have lived much more intensively with the vineyard and our wines. There's ourswhole heart in it.

Our new slogan hits everything:lebendig   -   charaktervoll  _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_-   irresistible    says everything about our wines, brandies, sparkling wine and secco from my point of view.

My activities:

- Office

- Sale

- Advisory

- Presentations

- Planning of delivery trips throughout Germany

- Ostrich organization

- housewife and mother 

- Girls for everything  - Exception wine preparation and work in the vineyard

whole team

Seasonal workers, short-term workers


Our wider team is also very important to us.

seasonal worker,these are foreign employees who are only here a few weeks a year.

Short-term employeeswho only work for us for a limited time:

Since 2020 we also have some Germans who really enjoy working with us:

These include 





and other employees who would like to earn a little extra money in addition to their normal main job.

Your work areas:



Handicrafts in the vineyard all year round


refill store

washing glasses

We are happy about each individual who contributes everything they can. Without them we would be lost too.


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