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1989 - 1991 we were both 2 years in Haiti children's village leaders as "practical missionaries"  in a children's village.

(At that time the working conditions were still very difficult and exhausting, so the time was only set at 2 years. Only after we were there for a while did we realize that we could get through it for 2 years, it would be difficult.)

Sometimes there was electricity for the pump from the well for running water. We supplied the children's village with a pump from a well, but this often failed due to the unrest.

We had a phone about twice a year for a short time until the neighbors cut the cable again because they thought it was electricity.

Today, after 30 years, there are more stable electricity stories about solar.

The children's villagers can therefore be reached via Skype or Whatsapp.

Our task there were: 

- Finished construction of the children's village

- Finished construction of the children's village

- We also drew up guidelines for life in the children's village. That wasn't easy, since the Haitians naturally preferred their relatives when shopping, and as a result we often paid inflated prices for food or clothing. Since we could only keep the children's village alive with donations (even today), it was a big challenge for us. 

- Sponsorship work: In our time we arranged 200 sponsorships.

The sponsorships had to be looked after and observed that the money was actually used for the children and not for other things that Haitians considered important.

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